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At Maple & Rose, you will be supported from the moment you join us. Not only will you earn, but more importantly, you will be put on a fast career path, in which you will be prepared for the next higher role from day one. 

You will learn how to coach, train and mentor junior colleagues before you become a senior. You will learn how to manage a team before you are promoted to a manager. You will learn how to direct multiple teams and think strategy before you are promoted to a director. 

And for the ultimate reward, you will learn how to run a business from scratch, so that you can become a partner in the company or run your own business. 

Our career path ensures a succession plan is built in the DNA of the company so that we rarely need to hire managers and directors from outside. 

Our culture, values, and environment ensure a work-life balance and emphasize the significance of belonging to a team larger than yourself with the camaraderie and support such an ecosystem offers. 

Monthly rewards, surprise gifts, quarterly social events, newsletters and internal channels for communication enabled by powerful technology, all ensure each and everyone feels they belong to a family, The Maple & Rose family! 

Here is a sample of what we offer our agents:

  • Powerful marketing team and lead support.
  • One-on-one training & coaching program.
  • Family-oriented, fun, open, and politics-free work environment.
  • Full support with little restrictions and bureaucracy.
  • Exclusive knowledge center designed to provide continuous education, training, and development at your pace, regardless of where you are.


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