Are you looking for an apartment, villa, studio or property for rent in Dubai for you or your family? Here is a guide to aid you in your search for a residential or commercial property to rent.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to renting property in Dubai:

STEP 1 : Look online for properties

It starts with an online search for properties to rent in the area you would like to live in Dubai. A lot of online property search portals like Maple & Rose showcase the latest properties for rent, for you to browse and start your research.

STEP 2 : Identify your budget

It is important to determine your budget that is attainable if you are looking to rent an apartment, house or villa in Dubai. Create a list that will include the initial expenses which include the moving expenses, deposit, initial payment for rent, utilities connections, moving services and agents fees plus the expected monthly costs that include electricity,Internet, water and utility fees.

STEP 3 : Find a good real estate agent or agency

Finding a good real estate agency like Maple & Rose with credible and capable agents would be very advantageous, especially to expats or foreigners who have just arrived in Dubai and have no idea about the renting process.

At Maple & Rose, our agents constantly update our tenants on new and upcoming rental properties. Our agents are RERA qualified and considered one of the best intermediaries in Dubai, and can be depended on for lease negotiations. Further, they are readily available for each viewing and follow-up on any maintenance issues that are identified before moving in.

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STEP 4 : Get hold of the property

Once you have found the perfect apartment, home, villa, or property to rent and make an offer, the next step is for you to secure this property, submit your Emirates ID and residency visa along with 3 cheques that include a deposit cheque and first rental payment cheque in the name of the landlord and a 3rd cheque for the agent’s commission under the name of your chosen agent’s company.

Once you read the terms and conditions of your lease agreement, your agent will create a contract under the Ejari contract system. After you and the landlord have signed the contract and all cheques submitted are cleared, you can start moving into the property.

STEP 5 : Ejari system registration

After you have signed the lease agreement, you must register the tenancy with Ejari. If you work with Maple & Rose, this part is taken care of by our property management team. This is done to save you the hassle of doing it by yourself where you’d have to register online at www.dubailand.gov.ae, upload your documents and pay a fee.

STEP 6 : Utilities connection

Start to familiarise yourself with the utilities that will be settled every month and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) which is linked to the Ejari system. Maple and Rose provides the utilities connection service for tenants .You can activate your account yourself by going to www.dewa.gov.ae or one of the self-service kiosks at any DEWA Customer Happiness Center.

You will provide your Ejari number, tenant contract, Emirates ID, passport copy, your DEWA number (if you already have one) and the 9-digit premises number (this is located on the mounted wall plate next to the front door of the property you are renting). There is a security deposit of AED 4000 that is refundable for a villa, and for apartments it is AED 2000.

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Here are more details on how we assist our tenants in renting a property in Dubai:

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Have a peek into the latest properties, apartments for rent, or villas for rent in Dubai, situated in different areas and communities, and start the search for your perfect property or dream home to live in with Maple & Rose.