If you are a landlord or property owner in Dubai and are interested in earning good profits by renting your property, Maple & Rose is here to help.

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Here are more details on how we assist our clients in renting their property in Dubai:

STEP 1 : Research and know your property’s worth and value

You can start online and check the valuation of your property by checking the rental prices of similar properties in your area or community. This is a head-start to give you an overview of the rental prices that you can get for your property.

STEP 2 : Get a good real estate agent or agency

Look for a good real estate agency like Maple & Rose with a database of good tenants and agents who are specialized in finding the right tenant for your property.

With years of experience in the real estate market in Dubai, Maple & Rose can aid you in the valuation of your property and identifying the right rental price for your property and market it in a highly competitive environment. Maple & Rose has an active brokerage network with a wide geographical reach and are experts in marketing properties in Dubai.

STEP 3 : Consider an exclusive agent arrangement

It can be beneficial for you to have an exclusive agent that will be motivated to invest extra time and effort for you to market your property and get a very good tenant.

It will be a simpler process having 1 exclusive agent instead of a pool of different agents to have a simple, aligned and direct strategy to rent out your property in the fastest time possible.

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STEP 4 : RERA Form signing

Registered property owners must sign a RERA Form in order for the agent to list the property. A copy of your title deed and your ID will be required by your agent to complete the process.

STEP 5 : Market and make your property stand out

To be able to make a positive impact on potential tenants, Maple & Rose’s agents give essential advice to property owners on how to market their properties with various marketing strategies to improve their property’s visibility. These include: professional photography, social media posting and impressive viewings for tenants among many others.

STEP 6 : Choose between long-term or short-term rental

For furnished properties, it is advisable to have a short-term rental which can give you 20 – 30 % of returns vs long-term annual rental contracts. If you have a non-furnished property, a long-term contract is usually the best option. Discuss with your agent the best set-up for you.

STEP 7 : Get updated on your property for rent

You should get frequent updates from your agent or from the agency on the progress of your rental property. Maple & Rose provides this service to landlords to give them peace of mind and assure that their properties for rent are properly marketed and advertised on the website. Our agents work hard at arranging viewings for tenants in the database and connect regularly with landlords for any feedback received during tenant viewings.

STEP 8 : Get property management

Once you have rented your property, the next step is to start earning profits from your property through the monthly rentals of the tenants. Furthermore, it would be beneficial for you to get property management services, especially if you have multiple properties for rent or if you do not live in Dubai. Maple & Rose can provide property management services for your peace of mind and ensure you don’t have to deal with strenuous payment collections and renewals. Check out our property management services here.

Maple & Rose Landlord Services

Here are more details on how we assist landlords in renting out their property in Dubai:

All-in-One Property Management and Maintenance

Check out our property management and maintenance services and packages to choose from and take away the headache of dealing with payments, renewals, collections and other time-consuming processes when managing and maintaining a property.

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If you are a landlord interested in renting your property in Dubai, contact one of our specialists at Maple & Rose. Start renting your property in no time and get in profits.