The population of the UAE is increasing at a rate of 0.90% from 2021, to 10.08 Million in 2022. Part of the boom in population is the stream of expats and foreign workers coming into the country, with a total expat population of 8.92 Million recorded in 2022.

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Dubai is the city that has the most number of inhabitants with 3.49 Million, according to the Dubai government website.


With the UAE population continuing to rise as people from different parts of the world find their way into the country to work and live, it is no surprise that the UAE real estate market  will continue to  boom in the next couple of years. Real estate developers in UAE are increasing in numbers along with real estate brokers


According to Mordor Intelligence, the UAE real estate market is forecasted to register a CAGR of more than 8% from 2022 to 2027. The residential real estate market is not the only  sector which will see a massive growth in investment but also the commercial real estate market. The reason for this is an increased demand from foreign companies looking for commercial space for rent or office space for rent or to purchase property in Dubai.

Is it a good time to buy property in UAE?

As the population of foreign workers and expats continues to grow in the UAE in addition to the influx of foreign companies setting up their offices in the country, the demand for residential and commercial real estate property to buy or rent is on an equal rise. This factor makes buying or investing in property in the UAE a great idea.

Compared to major world cities like New York, London, and Paris, where real estate prices have sky-rocketed, the prices of real estate properties are still lower in the UAE. Due to this, there is an increased ratio of ROI attributed to the lower cost of living and expenses. The cost of living in London for example is 26 % more expensive than the cost of living in UAE. Furthermore, there is a big +295.82 % difference in ratio for property prices for both countries.

As a comparison between real estate prices, an apartment in the city centre of Dubai costs an average of AED 13,786.43 per square metre, compared to a whopping AED 54,569.66 price per square metre for an apartment in the city centre of London. Both cities offer the best amenities plus a high quality of living. The difference in real estate prices and ROI ratio makes   Dubai an enticing choice over other big and highly developed cities with higher real estate prices offering the same ROI ratio.


UAE tax-free haven

​​The UAE is a haven for a lot of foreign companies and expats as it is considered a tax-free investment country. Investing in real estate in the UAE will not burden investors and foreign companies with various taxes that include the usual annual property taxes, income tax, capital gains tax, rental revenue tax, or value added tax (VAT). In addition, foreign investors can easily obtain a UAE residence visa when investing or buying a property in the UAE.

Golden visa UAE and residence permit

The UAE offers ease of real estate investment to foreign investors with new government initiatives that were rolled out from 2021 through 2022 These include the efficient issuance of residency permits for retirees and remote workers, in addition to  enhanced benefits of the 10-year golden visa UAE program. Check out the official website of the UAE government for detailed information on how to apply for golden visa UAE and golden visa UAE benefits.

The UAE offers the best facilities, recreational activities, and dining options similar to those offered by cities like New York and Paris, thus making any real estate investment in the country a worthwhile affair for buyers, sellers and renters.

Why Dubai real estate market is booming

Dubai is the prime location where a bulk of foreign investment in real estate flows in the UAE, and this was highlighted during the time when the Dubai residential property price index hit a ten-year high in June 2022. The Land Department in Dubai has registered almost 9,000 sales transactions which totaled  AED 22.75 billion or USD 6.27 Billion.


The average property prices in Dubai increased by 8.9% in September 2022, where the average prices for apartments rose by 8.0% and average prices for villas in Dubai rose by 14.3%.


The return on investment or ROI for real estate properties in Dubai is calculated at around 5-8 %. This indicator is forecasted to improve over the years as a lot of foreign investments are streaming in the country. The Dubai real estate market continues to grow post-pandemic with sales transactions worth AED 30.5 billion or USD 8.30 billion recorded in November 2022.

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